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W0000MR10854 leaf dish 16.jpg W0000MR10855 leaf dish 19.jpg W0000MR10894 square salad bowl with a stalk 26.jpg W0000MR10895 square salad bowl with a stalk 29.jpg W0000MR11015 soup tureen 4.JPG W0000MR11415 cake plate 30.JPG
W0000MR11426 oval tray 37.JPG W0000MR11445 square tray 31.jpg W0000MR11447 square tray 41.jpg W0000MR11465 cake plate with a stalk.JPG W0000MR11476 oval tray with a stalk.JPG W0000MR11485 square tray with a stalk 31.jpg
W0000MR11487square tray with a stalk 41.jpg W0000MR11913 bonbons basket.JPG W0000MR11933 cabaret 24.JPG W0000MR11935 cabaret 29.jpg W0000MR11956 cabaret 5pcs 36.jpg W0000MR12015 cake spoon 24.JPG
W0000MR12023 mustard spoon.JPG W0000MR12025 gravy ladle.JPG W0000MR12215 egs plate 20.JPG W0000MR12285 egs plate with a handle 20.JPG W0000MR12413 bonbon dish 20.JPG W0000MR12418 barbarine 33.jpg
W0000MR12498 barbarine with a stalk 33.jpg W0000MR12645 small board 24.JPG W0000MR12715 scrolled edge clock 29.JPG W0000MR12745 wall clock 31.JPG W0000MR12747 wall clock 41.jpg W0000MR13012 carafe 18.JPG